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Why should I subscribe to is the best on-line resource to gather relevant information on over 105,000 K-12 schools in the United States. It is the most convenient and low cost method with search capabilities (name, city, state, county, zip code and type of school) that allow you to view information, one school at a time.

What type of data is available with a subscription?
We provide general school information including, but not limited to, school name, address, county, principal name, number of students, telephone and fax numbers. If you have any questions about what data is provided, please visit to see the maximum information provided for a school before you subscribe. As a minimum each school's name, address, telephone and type will be listed.

What types of subscriptions are offered?
We have two subscription options available. Our monthly subscription is $9.99 per month, or 500 schools whichever occurs first. We also have an annual subscription priced at just $36.00 per year, or 2,000 schools whichever occurs first.

What are your payment methods?
After completing the registration and subscription information you will be given a payment page. For immediate activation of your subscription you may pay online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. For those not wishing to purchase online, we also provide the option of mailing a check, money order, purchase order or your credit/debit card information. After payment is received, your account will be activated and notification sent via email.

Do you offer discounts for multiple users?
We do provide discounts for a single purchase of multiple users starting at ten subscriptions. Please email for instructions and discount information. Don't forget to include your telephone number.

What is your refund policy?
We want our customers to be fully satisfied. To that end, we go to great lengths to answer questions or concerns before the subscription is purchased so the customer is well aware of what is included. Because of the type of service we provide a refund cannot be granted after use of our Site.

Can I change my email login address?
For security reasons, you cannot change your email login address online. However you may email your requested change to and we will update asap!

Can I change my password?
You have the capability of changing your password and other registration information online. After logging in, click "My Account" located on the left tool bar. Then click "Update Registration Information" to change your password and/or update other registration information.

How and when do you update your school data?
Through our own means and contractual agreements, we contact schools directly to assure the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Because we want our current subscribers to have access to the latest updates, at a minimum, our web site is updated on a weekly basis throughout the school year. If you are a school official you may email any school updates to

Can I resale the data?
No. The data is the property of ASD Data Services LLC. As a subscriber you are not purchasing the rights to the data, but rather the rights to use the data for the term purchased.

Can our school be removed from the American School Directory?
The American School Directory is a comprehensive listing of K-12 schools, public and private. In order to protect the integrity of ASD, schools are not removed.

How long has ASD Data Services LLC been in business?, a company that has been in the school business since 1985, conceived our company’s web site. Their vision prompted the development of in 1996 and School in 2001. ASD Data Services LLC is owned and operated by the former Vice-President of Information Technology at whose direction led the efforts in the development of both web sites.

What is the difference between and
All of the current school information data found on is also included on However is designed for the casual user of school information with viewing capabilities of one school at a time. The site is geared toward school marketers that need the ability to find multiple schools at once and be able to view, print and download that list in order to help their marketing efforts.

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